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Speed enforcement cameras issue over 2,000 warnings in under one month

May 20, 2022

Warning period wrapping up, $100 fines begin on May 25


ALBUQUERQUE – The City’s Automated Speed Enforcement cameras have issued over 2,000 warnings to drivers since they kicked on last month. Currently, there are three cameras that are live and issuing warnings, and will begin issuing citations on May 25. The City has identified three more locations where devices will be installed over the coming months to bring the system up to six cameras. Eventually, there will be 10 cameras total distributed throughout the city in locations backed up by speed and injury data.


“The numbers show that more than ever, we need this force multiplier to crack down on speeding on our streets,” said Lieutenant Nick Wheeler, APD Motors Unit. “We need a change in behavior, and we’re using Automated Speed Enforcement combined with our ongoing strategic traffic operations to get us there.”


Between April 25 and May 19, the three cameras in place have captured the following data:

  • 2,192 warnings were issued by the system, approved by APD, and sent to registered vehicle owners
  • 917,036 total vehicles passing through enforcement areas (all in 40 mph zones)
  • 756,013 (82%) of vehicles were traveling one or more miles per hour over the posted limit
  • 187,849 (21%) of vehicles were traveling 11 or more miles per hour over the posted limit
  • 32 vehicles were traveling 60 or more miles per hour over the posted limit


“The data we’re seeing from the speed cameras backs up what we already know: people are driving too fast, ignoring posted speed limits, and creating dangerous situations on our roads for everyone,” said Valerie Hermanson, Vision Zero Coordinator. “This, combined with the data we already have from the High Fatality and Injury Network, is driving our work to get more systems in place in dangerous areas so that we can make people aware of their speed and get them to slow down.”


APD continues its focused efforts on addressing speeding and reckless driving in our city. In this same time period, APD has written 3,590 total traffic citations, 876 of which were for speeding and 17 for racing.