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Serious Injury Motor Call Out

Serious Injury Motor Call Out

 Sunday, 9/19/21

Staging Area: Burger King, 7101 Lomas BL NE. (Please respect the taped off areas)


ALBUQUERQUE - During the late hours of September 19, 2021, South East Area Command Officers were dispatched to the area of 500 Louisiana BL NE, for a two vehicle crash.


At this time, it is known that one of the involved drivers sustained serious injuries, and was transported to a local hospital for evaluation and care. Their injuries are deemed to be non life threatening injuries at this time. It is unknown of alcohol is a factor.


The APD Motors/Traffic Unit is dispatched to further investigate the crash.




The crash involved a black Camaro and a black Jeep, both vehicles were traveling south on Louisiana NE. The Jeep was in the far right lane and the Camaro was in the middle lane. The Jeep went to change lanes to the left so it could make a U-turn. When changing lanes the driver of the Jeep did not see the black Camaro and proceeded to changed lanes impacting the Camaro. After impact the Camaro lost control and spun to the right hitting the curb and impacting the wall to the state fair grounds.


The driver of the Camaro was transported to UNMH for pain and numbness to her leg. Test were conducted and no life threating injuries were found. Doctors stated further testing is needed to see why there is no felling or mobility in the Camaro driver’s lower leg. At this time speed and or alcohol do not appear to be a factor. This investigation is ongoing.