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POLICE ACTIVITY: Alameda and Bosque Circle

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Just after noon on Friday June 2, 2017, an APD officer was handing a shoplifting call at the Dillard's location at Cottonwood Mall. While on scene a second call for service was dispatched. The caller stated a man was actively committing a felony by breaking into cash registers and stealing money from the nearby Sears store. The officer located the man suspected of breaking into the cash registers and attempted to make contact with him. The suspect who was armed with a screw driver, ran out of the store. The officer ran after him.

The suspect led the officer to the area Bosque Circle and Alameda and continued to run from the officer. A passerby saw the officer chasing the suspect and he attempted to assist the officer in apprehending him. The suspect verbally threatened the passerby and the officer as the officer attempted to arrest the suspect. The officer gave commands to the suspect and utilized less lethal means in an attempt to apprehend him.

The suspect had some sort of apparent medical episode, and the officer called for rescue. The officer began performing CPR on the suspect. Rescue arrived and took over CPR. The suspect was later pronounced dead on scene. The Office of the Medical Investigator is investigating to determine the exact cause of death. 

This is preliminary information and still part of an ongoing investigation. Currently the multi-jurisdictional investigative team is assisting with this case. 

The suspect has been preliminarily identified. His identity will be released upon confirmation from OMI and upon next of kin notification. He is 45 years old. 

Interviews are currently being conducted.