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Mayor Keller, APD Release Crime Statistics

Police News Release: Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and APD Chief Mike Geier Release first quarter statistics

April 17, 2018

Mayor Tim Keller and APD Chief Mike Geier released crime statistics for the first quarter (January 2018 through March 2018) that show encouraging trends in many areas but an increase in homicides. The statistics are compiled with the same methodology that the previous administration used and include a year-to-year comparison for the same time period.

During the first three months of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017, APD officers have increased traffic stops by 71%; increased DWI arrests by 14%; and increased arrests on felony warrants. At the same time, most crime indicators have decreased. Robbery decreased by 46%, auto burglary decreased by 31% and auto theft decreased by 12%. However, gun-related violence, including the increase in homicides, remains high.

APD has also trained its Crisis Intervention Teams, which are working with Bernalillo County deputies and highly-trained clinicians to more effectively help people in crisis and diffuse the crisis.

“People from all walks of life across Albuquerque have told us that public safety is their number one concern,” Mayor Keller said. “That’s why we have made fighting crime from all sides and implementing community policing our top priority. Today, we’re sharing the most recent data so the public can stay informed. Statistics don’t tell the whole story but they help us identify trends and make informed decisions to improve public safety in our city.”

Mayor Keller recently submitted a budget proposal to the City Council allocating more resources to fighting crime. The new budget calls for hiring more officers and giving them the resources they need to implement community policing.

“I’m grateful to all of the officers out there doing good police work and making an impact on crime,” Keller continued. “We have much work ahead of us, and I look forward to working with the City Council and APD to help make communities safer.”

Chief Geier said the department will continue to focus on strategies that make an impact on crime, like getting repeat offenders off the streets. These strategies involve battling the cycle of crime, drugs, and behavioral health that reinforce each other.

“We are encouraged that with additional resources, we will be able to continue to ramp up these effective strategies to tackle the crime epidemic,” stated Chief Geier

The following statistics represent enforcement activities and crime during the first three months of 2018, as compared to the first three months of 2017.

                        2017         2018        % Change


Traffic Stops               7,940               13,586             +71%


Auto Burglary             3,256               2,234               -31%

Auto Theft                  1,904               1,668               -12%

Commercial Burglary 506                  477                  -6%

Residential Burglary   1,102               1,022               -7%


Homicide                    12                    18                    +50%

Rape                            111                  98                    -12%

Robbery                      722                  393                  -46%

Aggravated Assault    926                  840                  -9%

Non-Fatal Shootings   27                    27                    No change