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Enforcement Stats from Central Corridor Operation

APD tackle crime in the Central Ave. corridor
November 14, 2023

The Albuquerque Police Department conducted a department-wide operation to proactively tackle crime in the Central Ave. corridor, resulting in 70 arrests, 63 felony warrants cleared, and 490 traffic citations.


APD’s worked proactively to patrol the entire stretch of the Central corridor within City limits. The Albuquerque Community Safety and Solid Wastes departments were also involved in the operation in an effort to provide resources to unsheltered individuals and clean up illegal encampments.


During proactive patrols, officers identified an incident or reason for enforcement action 677 times. This includes drug use, trespassing, or other illegal activity when an officer is present. The operation also resulted in the following:


Felony arrests: 46

Felony warrants: 63

Misdemeanor arrests: 27

Misdemeanor warrants: 20

Criminal trespass: 19

Misdemeanor summons: 26

Traffic citations: 490

Recovered stolen vehicles: 5

Onsite activity: 677

          Locations checked: 192


The Central Corridor operation is one of several, ongoing operations being conducted by the Albuquerque Police Department to address hot spots for crime and issues that occur most frequently in our city. Other operations include retail crime and clearing warrants.