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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Community Policing in Albuquerque - 2016

Albuquerque Police Body Cameras Roll during Unexpected Citizens Encounters

Albuquerque, NM – As the first department of its size in the nation to implement on body cameras for every officer, the Albuquerque Police Department utilizes this tool every day to ensure constitutional policing in the city of Albuquerque. Cameras capture everything from simple arrests, to drunk drivers and uses of force, but something unexpected was also captured on video during 2016: Simple acts of kindness, providing an up-close look at the Department’s continued efforts toward community policing.

Albuquerque Police Officers constantly make a difference in the community they serve, but those actions often go unnoticed or are overshadowed by negative media coverage. A compilation of last year’s on body camera videos showing a perspective of policing the community doesn’t often see, was created to bring awareness to the type of officers who make up the Albuquerque Police Department.

The montage is also an up close look at the totality of what police work in our City encompasses.

Events that are highlighted in this video include:

  1. On June 18th Lieutenant Ferris Simmons delivered a healthy baby boy on I-25 close to the Big-I.
  2. On September 18th Albuquerque Police Officer Timothy Wolffbrandt bought a new bike for 12-year-old Brian Diaz-Alvarez after his was stolen earlier that day, the boy’s birthday.
  3. Officer Harold Sennett buys man-in-need coffee and a meal.
  4. Officer Lance Cerros dances alongside students during a New Mexico Dance Institute performance.(You see the camera shaking as he also starts dancing with the children.) 

 (This video is cleared for broadcast and rebroadcast purposes)