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APD Working With the National Public Safety Partnership to Prevent and Combat Violent Crime

The U.S. Department of Justice has selected the Albuquerque Police Department to participate in the National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) program.

Fri. Nov. 4, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE – The U.S. Department of Justice has selected the Albuquerque Police Department to participate in the National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) program.  DOJ will provide Albuquerque intensive training and technical assistance (TTA) in the areas of gun violence, criminal justice collaboration, investigations, constitutional policing, community engagement, federal partnerships, crime analysis, and technology to identify strategies that target gun, drug, and gang violence.

“APD and Mayor Keller have made significant investments specifically in technology, investigations, and community engagement and we are pleased to have been among the few cities selected to embark on this partnership,” said Chief Harold Medina. “By having an in-depth assessment of our police department, we can better understand what’s working for our investigations, and what additional advancements could be made.”

It is critical that Albuquerque invests in what works and PSP has a proven track record of helping sites lower crime rates and improve the quality of life for community members.  Over the next three years, the Albuquerque PD will develop a collaborative network to develop comprehensive solutions to violent crime reduction.  Our vision for this work is to gain better insight into the unique violent crime challenges in Albuquerque and determine system-wide approaches to implement crime reduction strategies and enhance public safety.

The first phase of the PSP comprehensive approach is to conduct a series of assessments to provide an understanding of challenges and areas for growth within the participating departments and agencies. The PSP site team will use the assessment results to help sites develop a PSP Site Strategic Plan to address violent crime and public safety priorities supported by local and federal partners.

“The effects of gun violence echo throughout all corners of our community,”said Alexander M.M. Uballez, United States Attorney for the District of New Mexico. “We are thrilled to bring the National Public Safety Partnership to the streets of Albuquerque, and will work hand-in-hand with the City of Albuquerque, Albuquerque Police Department, and the Second Judicial District Attorney’s Office to rebuild the trust of the community, to intervene and prevent violence, and to identify and federally prosecute those who persist in imposing violence on our community. We want you to be safe, alive, and out of custody, but the shooting must stop. We will help you if you let us, and stop you if you make us.”

About the PSP Team

The PSP team supports local law enforcement and other key stakeholders in developing each site’s capacity to address its unique violent crime challenges to enhance public safety.  Through a collaborative approach and data-driven decision making, the PSP approach ensures that local resources are maximized and federal assets are leveraged where they are most needed.  Implemented in 2014 as a pilot program, PSP has served more than 50 sites nationwide.  The PSP team’s work is driven by local needs and priorities focused on increasing capacities to reduce violent crime and increase community engagement.  PSP supports DOJ’s commitment to advancing work that promotes civil rights, increases access to justice, supports crime victims, protects the public from crime and evolving threats, and builds trust between law enforcement and the community.