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APD Welcomes 27 New Officers

27 new police officers are joining the ranks of the Albuquerque Police Department as cadet class 115 graduates on Thursday, July 28th. Two of them have a unique perspective of our department.

Thursday is going to be an exciting day as the Albuquerque Police Department will gain 27 new officers.  A total of 30 Cadets are graduating in class 115. Three of them will be joining the Rio Rancho Police Department.

We are welcoming two unique cadets in this class. Both previously worked for our department as civilians, and will now swear an oath to protect and serve our community in a different way.

Cadet (soon to be officer) Lea Lopez – worked for our department in the Fiscal Division.

Cadet (soon to be officer) Troy Simpson – worked for our department as the head of our Video Unit.

The attached video will give you an inside look at their stories.

All of our cadets graduating tomorrow have varied and diverse backgrounds and each one has a special reason for answering the call for service.

APD's 115th cadet class is comprised of three females and 24 males. The oldest cadet is 44 years old and the youngest is 21. We have one Asian cadet, one Vietnamese cadet, 12 Caucasians and 13 Hispanics.

Graduation begins at 10 a.m. in the Kiva Auditorium on August 28, 2016.