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APD Releases Automated Speed Enforcement Report

Report shows significant decrease in speeds along Gibson

ALBUQUERQUE – The Albuquerque Police Department is releasing a report provided by NovoaGlobal showing a significant decrease in speeding along Gibson in just the first few months of the Automated Speed Enforcement program.


The report found that the first two fixed locations which were installed along Gibson Boulevard S.E. have seen a 70% decrease in the number of speeding events of more than 20 miles per hour above the designated speed limit.



Gilbson Boulevard is the location where the city recorded the most egregious speed at 150 MPH on westbound Gibson and 133 MPH on eastbound Gibson.  


The report also found a 50% decrease in the number of speeding events of more than 10 miles per hour above the listed speed limit.



The report concludes that the two main factors that should be considered in reducing traffic fatalities and serious accidents are the average speed, and the variance in speed. The charts below demonstrate a decrease in the average speed of 4-6 miles per hour at the two Gibson locations.



For more information about Albuquerque’s Automated Speed Enforcement program, you can visit the ASE website.


ASE progress statistics 8-17-22