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APD Releases 2023 Crime Stats

2023 Crime Stats
February 29, 2024

The Albuquerque Police Department released preliminary crime statistics for 2023.


The crime stats presentation can be found on APD’s web site


Crimes against property remained the same between 2022 and 2023, but still represent an 18% decrease since 2018, when APD started using the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System.


Crimes Against Property

                        Burglary:                                -16%

                        Motor Vehicle Theft:            -13%

                        Robbery:                                -41%

                        Larceny:                                 +2%


In the Crimes against Person category, homicides dropped by 19% between 2022 and 2023. The overall number of incidents in this category, which captures most violent crimes, increased by 5% over 2022 numbers.


            Crimes Against Person

                        Non-negligent Murder:        -19%

                        Assault Offenses:                +5%   

                        Sex Offenses:                       -9%


“We saw a significant decrease in homicides at the same time we continue to solve these cases and bring justice to the families of victims,” APD Chief Harold Medina said. “We’re also seeing decreases in robberies and auto theft. At the same time, we are ramped up our proactive efforts to tackle quality-of-life crimes like shoplifting at big box stores and low-level narcotics use along the Central Avenue corridor. We need to address the underlying addiction issues that are driving these crimes.”


“We are encouraged that more enforcement is starting to have an impact,” Mayor Tim Keller said. “Crime is down in key areas and detectives have solved a record number of murder cases. APD also made felony warrants a priority in 2023, which is helping to lower violent crimes like armed robberies and shootings.”


The Crimes against Society increased by 49% with much of the increased due to proactive enforcement in two areas: Drug possession and shootings. Officers and narcotics detectives have increased enforcement of drug possession and trafficking operations related to illegal drugs like Fentanyl. At the same time, officers are investigating all bullet casings discovered as a result of APD’s ShotSpotter gun detection system. Each time casings are collected, a call for service is created. Investigators use the casings to test through a national database to determine if the same gun is used in multiple shootings.




Felony Arrests

2022:                           9,989

2023:                           11,385 (14%)


Felony Warrant Arrests

2022:                           3,061

2023:                           3,856 (26%)


Traffic Citations

2022:                           54,391

2023:                           77,386 (28%)




Online Reports

2018:                           8,470

2023:                           21,908 (159%)


Telephone Reporting

2019:                           10,028

2023:                           16,406 (64%)