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APD Proactive Officers and Organized Crime Unit Partner with AG’s Office in Shoplifting Operation

February 10, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE – A joint operation targeting retail theft in the Uptown area this week resulted in 7 felony arrests, including a prolific shoplift suspect who continues to violate her conditions of release.

APD’s Northeast Proactive Response Team and Organized Crime Unit partnered with agents from the Attorney General’s Office in an operation to address shoplifting in the Uptown and San Mateo Blvd/Cutler Ave. shopping districts.

APD Officers worked closely with loss prevention staff from multiple businesses, maintaining constant and real-time communications during the operation. Detectives and agents conducted undercover surveillance in and around the businesses, while uniformed officers remained in the area on standby for apprehension.

“This is a great example of the partnerships APD has built to address crime that affect many members of the community,” said Chief Harold Medina. “We will continue to look for opportunities to partner with our local, state and federal partners to address crime in Albuquerque.”

The operation yielded the following arrests/citations:

Marileysi Campos – Felony shoplifting ($1,714.65)

Mariah Lucero – Misdemeanor shoplifting ($362.85)

Matthew Gallegos – Felony shoplifting, conspiracy to commit 3rd or 4th degree felony ($895.71)

Ronald Atcitty – Felony shoplifting, conspiracy to commit 3rd or 4th degree felony ($895.71)

Shannel Anaya- Misdemeanor warrant, misdemeanor shoplifting ($155.95)

Jeulisa Mcwhorter- Criminal trespass citation

Justin Allen- Criminal trespass citation

Shaiane Ramirez- Criminal trespass, felony warrant

Benson Nockideneh – Criminal trespass

Joseph Esquibel- Trespassing and transferring and receiving stolen property (misdemeanor)

Sammuel Hayes- Criminal trespass, felony warrant

Briana Gibson- Misdemeanor shoplifting ($112.69)

Gretcher Carnet- Misdemeanor shoplifting ($464.35)

Kyauna Castillo-Chavez- Misdemeanor shoplifting ($199.00)

John Jones- Misdemeanor shoplifting ($96.82)

Kentrell J Thymes- Felony warrant, misdemeanor shoplifting ($136.91)

Tya Whiteley- Felony shoplifting ($1733.21)

Juan S. Lente- Misdemeanor shoplifting ($59.97)

1 vehicle was sealed for a warrant, 2 cell phones and a shoplifting ledger were taken in reference to a shoplifting case at Target. OCU detectives will be seeking search warrants in connection to those. OCU contacted the DA’s Office to ask to hold Marileysi Campos, as she is a highly prolific shoplifter who continually violates her conditions of release. A notice from the RTCC came out on 2/01/24 about Tya Whiteley being released from custody- identifying her as a repeat offender. She was arrested at Target.