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APD Makes Multiple Felony Arrests, Recovers Stolen Vehicle and Fentanyl Inside Nuisance Property

APD officers worked with undercover detectives to target a home known for drug trafficking and other criminal activity in the 2800 block of Florida St., N.E.
October 26, 2023

Narcotics detectives arrested three people on Wednesday after executing a search warrant at the home, which is near Candelaria Rd and Louisiana Blvd. Detectives also worked with community members and neighbors to address concerns about the criminal activity at the residence.

The search warrant resulted in the following:


  • 5 felony warrants cleared
  • 2 misdemeanor warrants
  • 3 felony arrests
  • 1 recovered stolen vehicle
  • Fentanyl pills
  • Ammunition
  • Drug trafficking paraphernalia 


Miguel Galindo, 36, Emma Brown, 26, and Jocelyn Kiuttu, 48, were arrested at the location. Galindo had 2 felony warrants; one for aggravated battery and one for aggravated burglary. Brown had 3 felony warrants for possession of a controlled substance, receiving/transferring a stolen motor vehicle and resisting and evading arrest. Kiuttu was arrested on new felony drug charges.


The property is located two blocks away from Zuni Elementary and neighbors expressed their concern for children of the neighborhood walking to and from school. Detectives discovered drugs were being sold at the location, sex acts would occur outside in plain view, and stolen vehicles would occasionally be brought to the residence.


The city’s Animal Control, and the DEA were also called in to assist. Additional City resources were needed after entering the residence and finding it covered in filth, feces and trash. City Code Enforcement boarded up the property, prohibiting entry.


Neighbors in the area thanked officers and detectives on scene for their efforts in cleaning up the known nuisance property.