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APD identifies suspect in double-murder, suicide

Tuesday, March 8, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – APD released the identity of the man who is suspected of killing two people before killing himself on the morning of Feb. 23, 2023 in the North Valley.


The deceased suspect is Yoel Rodriguez, 48.


Homicide detectives determined through investigation that Yoel Rodriguez had been in a long-term relationship with one of the victims, Danay Morales-Hernandez. Relatives said their relationship started in the Republic of Cuba, and they later moved to Florida, Texas and then to New Mexico. They had two daughters and lived in a townhome at 1106 Griego Rd., N.W.


Danay Morales-Hernandez recently broke up with Yoel Rodriguez, who moved to Las Vegas, NV. Family members said Danay Morales-Hernandez, 36, met another man from Los Angeles who arrived in Albuquerque in February to visit her.


Yoel Rodriguez found out about the relationship and showed up at the residence on Feb. 23. The new boyfriend, Omar Rodriguez-Hechemendia, 25, had taken Danay Morales-Hernandez’s daughter to school when Yoel Rodriguez entered the home and stabbed Danay Morales-Hernandez multiple times. Her two-year-old daughter was by her side when police arrived.


After killing his ex-girlfriend, Yoel Rodriguez stabbed Omar Rodriguez-Hechemendia multiple times and attempted to shoot him. Rodriguez-Hechemendia made his way into the street in front of the home, where drivers eventually found him bleeding heavily from his wounds. He was transported to the hospital where he died from his wounds.


Yoel Rodriguez eventually shot himself inside the home. He died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.


Family members told detectives the couple had a long history of domestic violence. They were involved in a violent incident at the home on Griegos in November 2022, where Yoel Rodriguez shot a handgun at Danay Morales-Hernandez. Yoel Rodriguez was arrested and charged for that incident. But family members said Danay Morales-Hernandez did not want to cooperate with prosecutors and she dropped her restraining order against Yoel Rodriguez because she did not want the father of her children to spend time in prison.