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APD Hosts 2nd Annual Tribal and Metro Public Safety Summit

Tribal Summit
July 26, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – Today, the Albuquerque Police Department hosted the second annual Tribal and Metro Public Safety summit, bringing 11 tribal law enforcement agencies, 5 metropolitan public safety agencies, federal partners, and the US Attorney’s Office together at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

In 2021, the Albuquerque Police Department began hosting monthly meetings with tribal and metro public safety agencies to discuss issues across different communities and share solutions being used by APD and other City of Albuquerque Departments.

“Being a chief in a tribal community really showed me the need for communication and collaboration between tribal and metro agencies,” said Chief Harold Medina. “Seeing how our monthly meetings have grown and how our tribal partners are implementing programs and tools used by the Albuquerque Police Department really shows that we can make a bigger impact together.”

Through the lines of communication that have been established by having consistent meetings and conversations with tribal agencies, APD is also able to help address cases of missing and murders indigenous people.

"These open lines of communication have been key to address violence in our communities and missing and murdered indigenous cases,” said Mayor Keller. “We stand with all of our tribal partners and this ongoing collaboration so that we can all help each other make our communities safer, together.”

“As one of the top cities in the country with MMIP cases, it essential that we continue to work collaboratively with federal, state and tribal law enforcement” said Dawn Begay, City’s Office of Native American Affairs Liaison. “Continued solidarity across jurisdictions ensures families get the support they need as they continue the search for their loved ones, or in some cases, seek justice.”

Speakers for the summit included Mayor Tim Keller, US Attorney Alex Uballez, representatives from multiple law enforcement agencies, and City leaders. The event was sponsored by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Crime Victims Reparation Commission, the US Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Justice Assistance, and REI. Photos and video from today’s summit can be found here.