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APD Highlights Successful Operations Targeting Speeding, Racing and loud Mufflers

Results in 728 speeding citations, 1,563 moving violations.

Dec. 16, 2020

The Albuquerque Police Department continues to see promising results from its speeding enforcement blitz.

In the last two weekends, officers issued 73 citations for speeding, 12 for racing and 10 for modified exhaust, better known as loud mufflers. Additionally, there were two citations for careless driving, one for reckless driving and one arrest for driving on a revoked license related to a previous DWI.

APD’s Motors and DWI Units have significantly expanded enforcement to improve safety and quality of life for Albuquerque citizens. Officers are specifically looking for speeders, drag racers and drivers with loud mufflers. In the last two weekends, officers focused enforcement along the Montgomery corridor and in the Central and Unser area.

Since October 9th, officers have issued a total of 728 citations for speeding and 1,563 citations for moving violations. The Montgomery corridor is where officers are seeing the majority of speeders and it’s where all of the speeding citations were issued this past weekend.

Loud mufflers are another issue that continue to be a nuisance to the community, and are in violation of city ordinance. You can visit this link to see video of a driver pulled over this weekend for modified exhaust.