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APD burglary detectives identify “Wobbly Tire Bandit”

Wobbly Bandit
October 28, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE – APD burglary detectives identified Abie Chavez as the “Wobbly Tire Bandit” this week and determined he was using his daughters during his crimes on Albuquerque roads. Chavez was arrested Friday night on unrelated charges and his daughters were located safe and turned over to CYFD.

Burglary detectives worked to identify Chavez, 37, after hearing from several victims who identified a thief who approached drivers and warn them that one of the tires on the vehicle was wobbly. He offered to fix the tired as a way to gain the victim’s trust, before reaching into the vehicle to grab their purse or pull it from the victims.

Detective learned through investigation that Chavez was using his daughters, 8 and 12, either through coercion or force, to help him commit his crimes. Detectives were concerned for the kids and identified them as endangered and missing on Friday.

On Friday, burglary detectives learned Chavez stole a car in Las Vegas, NV, and drove it to Albuquerque. They worked with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and the Belen Police Department to locate Chavez on Albuquerque’s West Side. The stolen car was at the residence where he was located and he admitted to knowing it was stolen.

Chavez was booked on charges for the stolen vehicle and warrant for probation violation. Detectives are continuing to investigate several burglaries that earned Chavez the nickname of “Wobbly Tire Bandit,” and are expected to file charges for those crimes soon.