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APD arrests 55 offenders in 31st Anti-Crime Operation

Operation results in 6 firearms, and 6 stolen vehicles recovered.

April 19, 2021

APD completed its 31st city-wide Anti-Crime Operation.  The operation resulted in the arrest of an additional 55 offenders, bringing the total number of individuals arrested to 1,517 since the operations began in August.

The Anti-Crime Operation was conducted April 12, 2021, through April 16, 2021. Officers and detectives from the Field Services Bureau, Investigative Bureau and Special Operations Bureau were all involved in this initiative.

A total of 59 outstanding warrants were cleared, and 30 new felony arrests were made. 28 moving citations were issued, six firearms were recovered along with six stolen vehicles.

Since the beginning of the Anti-Crime Operations, 317 firearms have been recovered and 175 stolen vehicles have been recovered.

Not all offenders are booked into MDC. Some are arrested by our law enforcement partners and taken into federal custody, depending on their charges.

  • Felony Warrants Cleared: 45
  • New Felony Arrests: 30 
  • Misdemeanor Warrants Cleared: 14  
  • New Misdemeanor Arrests: 4
  • Misdemeanor Citations: 4
  • Moving Citations: 28
  • Stolen Vehicles Recovered: 6  
  • Firearms Recovered: 6