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APD Arrest Alert: Auto Theft and Robbery Suspects

APD Arrest Alert: Auto Theft and Robbery Suspects

Friday, 3/18/22

ALBUQUERQUE – APD Auto theft detectives and GVST (Street Team) conducted surveillance on an occupied LPR stolen vehicle.


The vehicle was followed from the Southeast Area command to the Target Business at Uptown/Winrock center. The vehicle was occupied by two females as they were observed in and out of the vehicle while parked in the parking structure. A plan was formulated to utilize marked units for a traffic stop and deflate the tires while the vehicle was stationary. The vehicle went mobile and was successfully deflated.


The driver, Tasmine Moser and passenger Shyler Bailey exited the vehicle to inspect the tire and were both placed under arrest. Ms Moser was arrested for RTSV and Possession of a controlled substance. Ms Bailey attempted to conceal ID and revealed to have 3 felony warrants for her arrest. Ms Bailey was arrested for RTSV as well.


Auto theft units were patrolling in the NE area command and ran into Robbery detectives who were working a tact plan, they just so happened to share information asking if we knew of Ms Shyler Bailey and Ms Tasmine Mosher. We advised robbery detectives she was just arrested 20 mins ago across the street at Target. Robbery detectives informed us they wrote and filed an arrest warrant today for robbery charges involving them. Robbery Detectives drove to the PTC to conduct their investigation and arrested Ms Bailey on a 4th felony warrant.