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APD, AFR, Solid Waste and community members rebuild family’s home following a house fire

APD, AFR, Solid Waste and community members donated their time and money to help rebuild a family's home following a house fire.

June 25, 2021

Today officers from the Albuquerque Police Department, Firefighters from Albuquerque Fire and Rescue, Solid Waste, and many other members of the community, completed the rebuild of a home that was severely damaged last year in a fire.

In November 2020, Albuquerque Fire Rescue responded to a house fire in the Valley Area Command near I-25 and Aveneda Cesar Chavez. AFR was able to save the home, however there was extensive damage.

Once the fire was extinguished, a disturbance call was generated and officers from APD responded to the scene. Officers spoke with the residents of the home and learned they needed assistance with temporary housing and rebuilding of their home.

APD officers contacted the Red Cross and the Special Work Assignment Team, a volunteer crew with Habitat for Humanity. Although not a Habitat project, many of the same volunteers stepped up to assist and immediately went to work.

Firefighters from AFR, officers from APD, Clean City Crews from Solid Waste and many other community volunteers donated their time and money to help rebuild the home. Solid Waste got involved thanks to the Downtown Public Safety Echo and crews helped with picking up trash and debris post fire as well as excess construction materials during the rebuild. Firefighter Random Acts volunteers raised money for the project and recruited volunteers.

Multiple businesses across Albuquerque donated supplies; contractors provided free labor, including Lowe’s, Summit Electrical, Hunter-Bower, Home Depot, Champion Windows, Harder Champion, Pats Doors, Board Up, Raks, and IAFF 244. Additionally, local plumber Greg Ortiz provided his skills, electrian Ed Mora handled the electrical, and Victor Carillo stuccoed the home.

On June 25, after seven months of hard work and dedication from all parties involved, the volunteers presented the family with a safer home, completely free from fire damage. This labor of love was a true example of the Albuquerque Community rallying behind a family in need.