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Albuqerque Police Department Hosting Training for Law Enforcement to Target Domestic Violence & Stalking

Multiple agencies and advocates to attend course.

Dec. 3, 2018

The Albuquerque Police Department will host a training event for law enforcement on Tuesday aimed at reducing the threat of workplace violence and decreasing domestic violence and stalking-related homicides.

Police officers, judges, prosecutors, victim advocates and probation and parole officers from throughout the Metro Albuquerque Area will attend the course, which is certified by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.

APD Chief Michael Geier is moving the department toward a more proactive approach to addressing domestic violence and stalking incidents.

One of out every four homicides, or about 24%, of all homicides in 2018, have had a connection to domestic violence.

APD Commander Paul Szych will conduct the training, which is free to law enforcement personnel.

Commander Szych will be available for media interviews prior to the training at 8 a.m. or during the lunch break at noon. The training will be held at Central New Mexico Community College, Brasher Hall, 717 University Blvd SE.