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City Invests Nearly $800,000 More Into Park Safety

New lighting, security measures make parks safer for families

The City of Albuquerque is continuing to invest in park safety by installing nearly $200,000 of new lighting in 17 City parks. This is in addition to the over $500,000 of lighting that the Parks and Recreation Department installed in 35 City parks early last year.

“Our parks and recreation facilities are important places for our families to play, connect and enjoy their communities,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “That’s why we’re taking steps to make them safer by adding lights to over 50 parks, across every part of town.”

Funding for these security upgrades was included in the FY22 Parks and Recreation budget. Lighting is strategically installed in dark corners, near walking paths, around athletic fields, and in parking lots to deter illegal activity and encourage appropriate evening park uses.

“Lighting can transform a park,” said Dave Simon, Director of Parks and Recreation. “More lights are a common request by the public and we are making it happen across the City.”

The following parks and recreation facilities have either had new lighting installed, or will see new lighting in FY22 (by the end of June 2022):


  • Mariposa Basin Park
  • Silvertree Park
  • West Bluff Park
  • Paradise Skies Park
  • Ouray Dog Park
  • Montano Open Space
  • Barstow Park
  • Sundoro South Park
  • North Domingo Baca Park (and Dog Park)
  • Singing Arrow Park
  • Cibola Skatepark
  • Wilson Park/Pool
  • Robinson Park
  • Los Altos Skatepark
  • New Mexico Veterans Memorial
  • Ventana Ranch Park
  • El Dorado Park

Other safety improvements made to parks across the City include $10,000 in material to build fencing and covers for electrical components. The Parks and Recreation department also added $580,000 in the FY22 for 10 City security guards who will be dedicated to parks and recreation facilities