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City of Albuquerque Invests $1.7 Million to Secure City Parks and Recreation Facilities

Funds will protect local residents and families as well as City assets

Mayor Tim Keller today detailed $1.7 million invested in improving public safety and security at City parks, pools, recreation facilities, and open space. The funding will increase safety for local residents and families and protect City assets including memorials and statues.

“Parks, pools, and trails are the places where my family went when I was a kid and where I take my family today to have fun and feel connected to the community. We’re tackling public safety in parks now so we can protect that reality for the next generation of kids and families,” said Mayor Keller. “Especially in the midst of this pandemic, while our open spaces and parks being some of the only places open to the public, it’s important we keep those places safe and available.”

Of the $1.7 million included in the Parks and Recreation budget for park security, $1.45 million was one-time money invested in projects that would not require recurring funding. In total, 84 total City parks and other sites all across Albuquerque were prioritized for physical security improvements, including new lighting, fencing, and gates. Examples of physical security investments include:

  • More than $525,000 for new lights at over 35 City parks, including $40,000 to install new lights at the entrance of U.S.S. Bullhead Memorial Park
  • Nearly $374,000 for new gates and fences to control access to Parks and Recreation facilities
  • $111,000 for four mobile security cameras connected to APD’s Real Time Crime Center
  • More than $47,000 at City golf courses, including $29,000 for a new intrusion and surveillance system at Ladera Golf Course to prevent theft and vandalism
  • More than $50,000 for new intrusion and surveillance systems at all City pools
  • Nearly $63,000 for trail lighting and security, including $31,000 for updated lighting on the I-40 trail in the tunnel under Eubank
  • More than $43,000 for Open Space properties, including $23,000 for an electric gate at the Embudito Trailhead in the Foothills Open Space

The Parks and Recreation Department has also partnered with the Albuquerque Police Department and the Metro Security Division of the Department of Municipal Development to increase law enforcement efforts at parks and recreation facilities. These efforts have included specific tactical operations and additional patrols with each of APD’s area commands. The Metro Security Division of DMD has also increased patrols of City parks and assisted with gate closures at a number of parks.

Finally, the Department has invested more than $400,000 to reinforce protections of City assets, such as maintenance yards, vehicles, and equipment. These investments will help to avert losses and reduce the use of taxpayer money to repair and replace stolen and damaged equipment.