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Oct. 27, 2022 Community Hall Newsletter

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October 27, 2022

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Hello Albuquerque,

Whether it’s creating accessible housing or revitalizing downtown, we’re moving our city forward.

We know that across Albuquerque, across ages and incomes, families are feeling the housing strain. Rents have risen dramatically, placing significant stress on middle-income households and exacerbating risks for lower-income households. We need more affordable and accessible homes and more housing options. Earlier this month, we joined local leaders to announce Housing Forward ABQ, a plan which strives to do just that: create 5,000 new housing units by 2025, and set Albuquerque up for the future. Yes, this is an ambitious goal, but it is possible and desperately needed by our neighbors and families who are seeking housing that fits their needs and budgets.

We also announced our Downtown Forward Plan which tackles public safety, economic development, and housing in our downtown core. We love and appreciate our historic downtown, but we also know it needs to be safer with more year-round activity for all ages in order to be the thriving city center it can be. That means investing in public safety and local entrepreneurs, creating more opportunities for positive community gatherings, and carrying out innovative projects like the Rail Trail.

We know that our city is capable of great things, and that is why we are implementing these initiatives and working with community partners and leaders to make them a reality. When we share our love for Albuquerque and create unique solutions, anything is possible.



Mayor Tim Keller

This month, Mayor Tim Mayor Keller announced:

  • Albuquerque Charts Course to Confront Housing Crisis
  • Youth Artwork Contest
  • The Downtown Forward Plan
  • ACS Takes Over 16,000 Calls During First Year of Operation
  • City at the Crossroads
  • Heating Up for H.E.A.T.S ON
  • Doghouse Drive
  • APD Launches New Evidence Portal for Crimes in Progress
  • Volunteer of the Month - Nominate Today!