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Final No. 20-0005-I- Violation of Personnel Policies

The Office of Inspector General conducted an investigation regarding concerns that a Department of Municipal Development employee had been conducting personal business during work hours, including running a home health care business during work hours.

Final No. 19-0010-I Planning Department: Possible Fraud

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the City of Albuquerque, NM, conducted an investigation based on information received regarding concerns with the contractor the City's Planning Department, Code Enforcement Division uses for board up services. Concerns were brought to the OIG that the emergency board up contractor was being over-utilized by on particular Code Enforcement employee and that there may be possible collusion.

01-31-07 -- 07-06-105F Follow-up - Tri-Cententennial Towers

The Office of Internal Audit and Investigations (OIAI) performed a Follow-up of 06-105, Tri-Centennial Towers Project issued December 16, 2005. The purpose of our follow-up is to report the final cost and funding sources associated with the Towers.