01-31-07 -- 07-06-105F Follow-up - Tri-Cententennial Towers

The Office of Internal Audit and Investigations (OIAI) performed a Follow-up of 06-105, Tri-Centennial Towers Project issued December 16, 2005. The purpose of our follow-up is to report the final cost and funding sources associated with the Towers.

08-18-11 CASE# 11-208 - PNM, Family and Community Services Department

The Office of Inspector General (“IG”) conducted an investigation concerning Family and Community Services Department (“FCSD”) employees‟ alleged misconduct by falsifying documentation to receive financial help through the Public Service Company of New Mexico‟s (PNM) Good Neighbor Fund (“GNF”).

09-28-11 CASE# 12-201 - Kathleen White Incident Investigative Report

On August 1, 2011, the City Council for the City of Albuquerque unanimously voted on OC-11-27 to formally request an impartial and thorough investigation into the events related to the single car accident of July 6, 2011 involving Kathleen White, wife of former Director of Public Safety DPS.