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How does the ACA affect City employees?

If you are currently participating in an employer sponsored health plan you may be indirectly affected and no action will be required.

IF YOU CURRENTLY ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR COVERAGE UNDER OUR MEDICAL PLAN- We know that some employees (Temporary, Seasonal, Regular Employees scheduled to work less than 20 hours) are not eligible to enroll for coverage under our medical plan.  If you are not eligible to enroll for coverage under our medical plan you should take the opportunity to see if coverage under the Health Insurance Marketplace is a good option for you.  If, you are not offered employer-sponsored coverage, you have the chance to qualify for premium assistance to help you buy that coverage in the Marketplace.

FOR EMPLOYEES AND ELIGIBLE DEPENDENTS WHO ARE CURRENTLY NOT ENROLLED IN MEDICAL COVERAGE; The City of Albuquerque will allow an employee and their spouse/Domestic Partner and dependent children who are eligible, to enroll in the group medical health plan (Presbyterian) in November 2013 (effective 12/28/2013) to avoid individual mandate tax penalties beginning in January 2014.

NM Human Services Department