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Dental Plan Benefits

Information about the dental plan benefits for City of Albuquerque employees and participating entities.

Starting July 1, 2024, BlueCare Dental is the new dental provider for the City of Albuquerque.

Blue Care Dental Delta Dental

BlueCare Dental Plan Benefits From Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico Overview

BlueCare Dental PPO offers you and your family access to one of the largest national dental PPO provider networks.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico network includes general and specialty dentists in New Mexico as well as across the country. As a BlueCare Dental PPO plan member, you can go to any dentist. However, you’ll save money and get more from your benefits when you use an in-network dentist. These in-network dentists have agreed to accept set fees for covered services and not bill you for costs over the negotiated fees (except copayments, coinsurance and deductibles). To get the most out of your plan, choose an in-network dentist. 

How do I find an in-network dentist? 

For a list of in-network general and specialty dentists, go to and use the Provider Finder® tool by clicking on Find Care and then on Find a Dentist on the left side of the page. You can search for a dentist near your home, school or office.

Highlights and Fees of the BlueCare Dental Program

The list of common services available through your BlueCare Dental PPO network beginning in July 1, 2024. The member’s share of the cost is determined by whether care is received from a contracted or non‑contracted provider. Your plan allows you to see any licensed dentist, but using an in-network provider may minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

You can also learn more at the BlueCare Dental Connection through the BlueCare Dental Enhanced Benefit which includes:

• Educational mailings
• 24-hour online access to the Dental Wellness Center®, which offers educational articles and special tools 

BlueCare offers Virtual Dental Visits 24/7

BlueCare Contact for questions:

  • (877) 723-5697 - Dedicated number
  • Hours: 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. (CT), Monday through Friday.
  • and log into the Blue Access for Members portal. 

Delta Dental Plan Benefits End June 30, 2024

For several years the City was contracted with Delta Dental for our dental coverage. That will end soon. You must sign up for new coverage during open enrollment with BlueCare. However, if you need access to your Delta Dental coverage, please sign in to your account at

Delta Dental Plan Benefits Overview

Benefit Year Deductibles

  • $50 per enrolled person
  • $150 aggregate per family
  • Does not apply to Diagnostic, Preventive, or Orthodontic Services

Annual Maximums

  • Preventive Care Security (PCS) included
  • Benefits paid for Diagnostic and Preventive Services never reduce the Annual Benefit Maximum!
  • $1,500 per enrolled person per benefit period

Delta Dental PPO or Delta Dental Premier Two “in-network” choices!

Dual network structure provides a choice between more access or more savings. You have access to both!!

New Delta Dental App!

  • Search for a provider with convenient contact and address information.
  • Access your claim and coverage information.
  • Provide an ID card right from your phone.
  • Includes a toothbrush timer as an added feature.

To download the tool, visit the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) and search for Delta Dental. Please go to the link below for more information and resources!

For more information, visit Delta Dental

Member Portal Tutorial

Member Portal

Delta telephone numbers:

  • (505) 855-7111
  • (877) 395-9420