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About Insurance & Benefits

The Insurance and Benefits Division of the Human Resources Department, is solely responsible for the procurement, implementation, and administration of all group benefit plans for City of Albuquerque employees and their dependents.

The City offers regular, full-time and part-time employees the option of participating in a variety of group insurance plans.

The City is committed to providing employees one of the most comprehensive and reasonably priced benefit packages available in New Mexico. We hope that you will find the coverage offered provides you with the choices and options necessary to keep you and your family healthy and well.


Flexible Medical Spending Account Carryover Increase

If you are enrolled in the Flexible Medical Spending Account and had a remaining balance, you can now carryover $570.00.  Previously the carryover was $500.00.  If you have any questions, please contact P&A, Inc. or call (800) 688-2611.  You can also view your account online.  

Express Scripts

Prepare for Two-Step Verification!  

Activate Two-Step Verification

To help protect your personal information, Express Scripts is adding a new required security feature, two-step verification, to Express Scripts website and mobile app accounts.  Two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to your account by requiring your password plus a unique code that is sent to your email address.  Please be prepared to log in and activate two-step verification in the coming weeks to help protect your account.

End Of Year Retirements

November Catch-Up

  • For prospective retirees opting for the split "catch-up" clause for deferred compensation, the first portion of the "catch-up" will be processed on a special payroll run during the last regular payroll in November.
  • For prospective retirees opting for the split "catch up" clause for deferred compensation, the second portion of the deferral will be paid on the second payroll in January.
  • A completed Retirement appointment is required to participate in this benefit.

APD Sworn Officer/AFR Certified Firefighter

  • The prospective retirees are permitted, by contract provision, to defer sick and vacation leave at year end if they are retiring at any time prior to the end of the following calendar year. Such prospective retirees are to declare retirement and file paperwork with the City Insurance and Benefits Division in accordance with the policy outlined in this Administrative Instruction before the end of the calendar year prior to the year in which they intend to retire. Upon filing the required paperwork and being credited with the first deferral payment, retirement is not revocable.
  • An Irrevocable Letter of Retirement is required as well as a letter from PERA indicating the eligibility for Retirement by 12/1/2023.

For prospective retirees not deferring, the remainder of vacation and sick leave balances will be paid by direct deposit on the second payroll in January.

Early Retirement

Employees may be eligible to retire early by using their accumulated sick and vacation leave prior to their PERA retirement date.  Any accumulated leave other than sick and vacation are not eligible to be used in Early Retirement.  Employees that have entered Early Retirement are not afforded any salary increases which are awarded to City employees.  Contact the Insurance & Benefits Division for additional information.

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