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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Survey 2018

A few weeks back, the Insurance & Benefits Division released a survey to all employees asking them to provide their feedback on what they value in regards to voluntary benefits and programs.  Almost 500 employees (10%) participated in the survey making this one of the most successful surveys yet.
• When employees were asked to rank which benefit/program was most important to them, supplemental insurance coverage  was identified as the most important. Supplemental insurance coverage includes Short & Long Term Disability, Long Term Care,  and Cancer/Accident/Critical Illness plans.

Likely to enroll in coverage:
• Short & Long Term Disability - 85%
• Cancer/Critical Illness - 81%
• Long Term Care - 67%

In the area of Financial Programs:
• Credit Unions—84% (likely to possibly would participate)
• Computer/Appliance Purchase Program—76% (likely to possibly would participate)
• Discount Programs—94% (likely to possibly would participate)
• Flexible Spending Accounts—76% (likely to possibly would participate)
How interested would you be in a more flexible work schedule?
• 93% of employees indicated they are extremely interested to interested.

Takeaways - Many employees are interested in benefits already available to them. Over the next year look for more & different communication ideas we have to better educate our employees on how to maximize their benefits. 

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The City of Albuquerque offers many benefits for its employees and dependents.

These benefits includes medical, dental, and vision plans, as well as retirement and deferred compensation.

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