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Albuquerque Fire Rescue Event Scheduling

Information about requesting a station visit, fire safety presentation, or AFR's participation in an event.

Please read carefully!

All community involvement requests must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of the event. This time frame will allow us adequate time to process your request and to notify all fire rescue participants.

All requests are on a first come, first serve basis. If your event is scheduled and required trainings are set after your selected date, we will contact you to reschedule.

Albuquerque Fire Rescue’s priority is public safety, responding to emergencies throughout our city supersedes all events. On occasion, there may be scheduling conflicts. We will make every attempt to accommodate each request on an individual basis.

Be aware that our fire and rescue vehicles are in service and subject to emergency calls during presentations and events. This may result in a delayed or possibly interrupted appearance. On occasion, they may be unable to appear.

Prohibited Activities

Albuquerque Fire Rescue does not send fire trucks to pre-schools, daycares, birthday parties, school fall festivals, reunions, picnics, charity fundraisers, or business grand openings/promotional events.

Due to safety precautions we do not spray down children with water in the summer.

AFR is prohibited from filling swimming pools or dunk tanks.

Station Tours

Station tours are available after 10 a.m. for morning station tours and after 1 p.m. for afternoon station tours. Station tours are approximately 30 minutes to one hour. Do not contact individual Fire Stations to schedule a visit.

Request a Station Tour


Presentations will be scheduled Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Presentations outside of this time period will have an associated cost.

Fire Safety Presentations

Albuquerque Fire Rescues Fire Marshal's Office will visit your pre-school, elementary school, or place of business and present on fire safety, fire extinguisher training, evacuation training, and senior fire safety.

Request a Fire Safety Presentation

Emergency Training Classes

Our paramedic cadre will visit your school or place of business and provide training on the following topics:

  • Hands Only CPR
  • Active Shooter Training (Stop the Bleed)
  • Narcan Administration

Request an Emergency Training Class

Fall Prevention and Recovery

Invite Albuquerque Fire Rescue's Community Paramedics to present on fall prevention and how to get up if you have fallen, are alone and uninjured.

Request a Fall Prevention & Recovery Presentation

Wildfire Preparation Training

Would your neighborhood association benefit from a presentation on wildfire preparedness? Consider having our Wildland Coordinator come present on defensible space and how to be ready for this tragic event!

Request a Wildfire Preparation Training

All Hazards Risk Assessment

AFR Risk Assessments are an all-hazards approach to preparedness and resilience. These assessments look at human, natural and technological disasters that threaten our community. During an assessment, we will review emergency plans and conduct a walk through of the facility looking for safety and preparedness vulnerabilities. We will then offer recommendations and trainings to alleviate those vulnerabilities.

Request an All Hazards Risk Assessment Presentation

Recruitment Event

Is your school having a Career Fair? Request our Recruitment Team to set up a booth so your students can learn about employment opportunities in Albuquerque Fire Rescue!

Invite AFR to a Recruitment Event