Open Enrollment Notification

Get a notification for Fire Academy open enrollment.

Fire Cadet Requirements

Before you apply to become a firefighter for the Albuquerque Fire Rescue, you must provide proof that you meet all of the requirements below:

1. Age

Must be at least 18 years of age by the end of the Open Enrollment (application) period.

2. Certification & Licensure

  • It is not mandatory to possess an EMT license to apply for employment with Albuquerque Fire Rescue. Applicants who do possess a current State or National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license at the Basic level or higher may be given hiring preference.
    • Candidates hired without an EMT license will attend an additional 6-week, expedited EMT-Basic course immediately following the 18-week cadet academy.

  • Must possess a valid drivers license (out of state applicants must obtain a New Mexico driver's license within 30 days of being hired).

  • Possession of, or have the ability to obtain a valid Class E New Mexico driver's license by graduation from the academy.

3. Education and Service

  • Must be a High School Graduate or equivalent and:

    • have transcripts showing 15 college credit hours earned with a minimum letter grade of "C", or
    • two years of military service with proof of discharge disposition (DD214).

  • Must be a United States Citizen or Legal Resident.

  • Males under the age of 25 must be registered for Selective Service.

If you satisfy all of the items, you are ready to apply!

* For information on the CPAT or to schedule a test, visit