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Station Three Firefighters Save Newborn

Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry on Friday recognized firefighters from Station No. 3 who saved a save a baby’s life moments after the child was born.

Albuquerque Fire Station 3 firefighterFirefighters Lt. Steven Kehrer, Driver Victor Carrillo, Firefighter John Hagan, Firefighter Paul Buck, Lt. Dominic Torres, and Driver Oswald Steward were named this week’s Friday’s Heroes. Each week Mayor Richard J. Berry recognizes at least one public safety employee who goes above the call of duty.

“This child will now have an opportunity for a great life thanks to these firefighters,” Mayor Berry said. “What they did was truly remarkable.”

On July 19, Engine 3 and Rescue 3 were responding to a call that a child was unconscious and had no vital signs. The infant was born at home under the supervision of midwives and was not breathing.

After arriving at the home the firefighters performed cardio pulmonary resuscitation and were able to resuscitate the baby. It was last reported that the baby and mom were doing well.

“It’s not often that we bring babies back to life,” Station 3 Captain Frank Soto said. “I really believe these guys deserve a “pat” on the back for keeping their composure and doing their job.”