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Friday's Hero FF Jason Galindro

On Friday, March 25, 2011 Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized an Albuquerque Firefighter for his immediate action to assist and save a woman who was choking at the Isotopes Baseball Park.

This week’s Friday’s Hero is Albuquerque Firefighter Jason Galindro. Each week Mayor Richard J. Berry honors at least one public safety employee for going above and beyond the call of duty in performing their work.

On June 8, 2010, Firefighter Galindro was at the Isotopes Park during a game working on duty with the on-call EMS team.

Galindro was alerted to a woman who was choking in a row of seats nearby where he was working. The woman was unable to breathe due to the blockage in her throat.

Galindro jumped over the railing and rushed to the aid of the choking woman. Galindro administered three abdominal thrusts in the standing position and the food she was choking on was dislodged from her airway and she was able to breathe again.

“This could have been a very serious situation however due to Firefighter Galindro’s quick action, he saved the woman from choking and instead of experiencing a medical emergency, she was able to enjoy the rest of the game. This is another great example of how the citizens of Albuquerque are safer because of outstanding, well trained public safety personnel such as Firefighter Galindro,” said Mayor Berry.