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Firefighter's Recognized for Saving a Trapped Woman from Apartment Fire

Mayor Richard J. Berry Honors Five Albuquerque Firefighters as This Weeks Friday’s Heroes On Friday June 17, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized five Albuquerque Firefighters from Squad 2for rescuing a trapped woman from her burning apartment building. This weeks Friday’s Heroes is Albuquerque Fire Departments Squad 2, which consists of Captain Paul Dow, Driver Michael Palmer, Firefighter Jose Gomez, Firefighter Anthony Mazotti and Albuquerque Fire Dispatcher Driver Michael Mora.

 June 17, 2011

On the morning of April 30th, a fire broke out at an apartment building located at 217 Columbia SE. A woman was trapped in her bedroom, as the fire was in her hallway and she had no way to escape.

Albuquerque Fire Dispatcher Mora received the initial call and stayed on the phone with the woman keeping her calm and instructing her ways of how to safely stay out of harms way while waiting for help.

Squad 2 was first to arrive on scene and noticed heavy black smoke from three sides of the two unit apartment building. Captain Dow heard a woman calling for help from the apartment.

The woman was located near an open window which was locked with burglar bars, leaving the woman with no way out. Captain Dow attempted to give the woman instructions of how to open the bars from the inside but was unsuccessful.

Squad 2 forced the bars open and rescued the woman. She was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital for the treatment of smoke inhalation.