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Firefighter Provided Critical Medical Assistance to Balloon Fiesta Attendee

On behalf of Mayor Richard Berry, Public Safety Director Darren White presented this week’s Friday’s Hero award to an Albuquerque firefighter, who while off duty, provided critical medical assistance to a woman who was having a seizure.

Firefighter Eddie Gonzales was named this week’s Friday’s Hero. Each week Mayor Richard J. Berry recognizes at least one public safety employee who goes above the call of duty.

On Saturday October 9, firefighter Gonzales was off-duty and attending the Balloon Fiesta with his family. His daughter and her friend went to one of the concession stands and shortly after called Gonzales because they saw a woman having a seizure.

Gonzales immediately made his way to the area. Once there he identified himself to balloon fiesta security personnel as a firefighter. He called CV1 on his cell phone but unfortunately he could not reach anyone.

The woman was being held by her friend and Gonzales explained to her that they should place the patient on her back, flat to the ground. Gonzales’ daughter volunteered her jacket which was used to elevate the woman’s head.

Gonzales called the Albuquerque Fire Department’s dispatch for assistance. While waiting for the EMS personnel to arrive, Gonzales monitored the patient’s breathing and maintained her airway by using the ‘head-tilt’ method. Once the EMS team arrived, Gonzales stayed with the woman and assisted the unit until she was transported away from the scene for further treatment.

“As someone who is trained in these life saving techniques, I have no doubt that Driver Gonzales’ efforts were critical in keeping the patient safe until EMS personnel arrived. His willingness to assist without hesitation proves once again that Albuquerque’s finest are never truly ‘off duty’,” said Director White.