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Engine 5 Runs Nursing Home

Receiving a medical call at a nursing home was nothing unusual for the crew of Engine 5. But on Thursday, July 15 there was nothing routine about the call they received to help a woman who was ill at a nursing home near Louisiana and Central NE.

The woman was not a patient. She was the sole caregiver for seven elderly women. Engine 5 Runs Nursing Home
The crew of Engine 5 was the first responders. They provided medical care for the woman and put her into an ambulance so she could be taken to the hospital.
But, the firefighters’ work was not done. Realizing there was no one to take care of the nursing home patients, Engine 5 firefighters – Paul Dow, Matthew Sanchez, Kristopher Engine 5 Runs Nursing HomeRomero and Robert Garcia - stayed at the nursing home for about two hours until another caregiver arrived.
The firefighters made the women peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, played the piano, sang to them and lost at a game of scrabble.
“These are good firefighters who care about their community,” said Albuquerque Fire Battalion Commander Brian Sanchez. “They went above and beyond the call of duty.”