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2010-2020 Redistricting Process

Information regarding the City of Albuquerque's Redistricting Process.
The 2010-2020 Redistricting Process was completed in 2011. Information on the 2022 Redistricting Process is available here.

2010-2020 Redistricting Committee

View the Draft Proposed Redistricting Plans

Judge Nan Nash ruled in favor of the City in the Redistricting lawsuit brought by the ACLU against the City. That means the Oct. 4, 2011, election will go forward as planned, under the current district lines.

Here's a short summary of the basis for her ruling:

  • The Judge found that the City's plan for redistricting is a "rational approach to readjustment" and thus it is unlikely Plaintiffs could show that the plan is unconstitutional.
  • Most courts have refused to enjoin impending elections in similar circumstances, finding that a temporary departure from the one-person-one-vote standard due to the timing of redistricting may be constitutional.
  • Granting an injunction would be contrary to the public interest, due to the disruption, delay, confusion and expense of redistricting before the impending election.
  • While Judge Nash concluded that Plaintiffs' City Council districts (1 and 5) are significantly underrepresented, she found that they failed to satisfy all the factors necessary to obtain a preliminary injunction.

View Judge Nash's order in its entirety.

Every 10 years, the City Charter requires that the Council appoint a committee composed of an equal number of representatives from each Council District to review and make recommendations regarding redistricting the Council Districts based on information from the Federal Census. The Committee is tasked with using the population data from the official 2010 U.S. Census along with any other pertinent information to make a report recommending changes in the Council District boundaries that the Committee decides are necessary based on constitutional principals governing voting rights, population, compactness and other related factors.

The Committee is made up of 18 members - one voting member and one alternate member from each Council District. The Council is required, in appointing a committee that "as nearly as is practicable" be a fair and balanced representation of all geographical areas of the City in the redistricting process and provide a total membership that reflects the racial, ethnic and gender makeup of the City's population.

All meetings of the 2010 Redistricting Committee are subject to the State Open Meetings Act.

The Redistricting Committee has submitted their report to the City Council. There will be a Committee of the Whole meeting on Friday, December 9, 2011 at 5:00 pm in the Vincent E. Griego Chambers, to discuss the report and redistricting options, public input is welcome.

2010-2020 Draft Proposed Redistricting Plans

Plan Map Data
Plan A Map Demographic Data
Plan B Map Demographic Data
Plan C Map Demographic Data
Plan D Map Demographic Data
Plan E Map Demographic Data
Plan F Map Demographic Data
Plan G Map Demographic Data
Plan H Map Demographic Data
Plan I Map Demographic Data
Plan J Map Demographic Data
Plan K Map Demographic Data
Plan L Map Demographic Data
Plan M Map Demographic Data
Plan N Map Demographic Data
Plan O Map Demographic Data
Plan P Map Demographic Data
Plan Q Map Demographic Data
Plan R Map Demographic Data
Plan S Map Demographic Data
Plan T Map Demographic Data
Plan U Map Demographic Data
Plan V Map Demographic Data


2010-2020 Redistricting Committee Members

District Voting Members Alternate Members
1 Linda Lopez Vanessa Chavez
2 Bernadette Miera Susan Johnson
3 Phillip Baca Claudia Isaac
4 Bob Gurule, Vice-Chair Mary Rose Twohig
5 Sander Rue Betty Valdez
6 Michael Montoya, Chair Sandra Ortsman
7 Kathie Leyendecker Wayne Johnson
8 Hal Stratton Barbara Morgan
9 David Harris Bob Martinez

If you have questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to contact either Sandy Chavez at 505-768-3147 or Jon Zaman at 505-768-3163.