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Downtown Neighborhood Area Sector Plan, Los Duranes Sector Plan, Raynolds Addition / Barelas Stop Sign Reconfiguration, Sawmill Wells Park Sector Development Plan, Summit Park / North Campus Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan, The Modern Roundabout, Zuni Road Study, Impact Fee Ordinance Amendments, West Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Area, Impact Fee Amendments, 2010-2020 Redistricting Process

Sawmill Wells Park Sector Development Plan Amendments

The amendments to the Sawmill Wells Park Sector Plan establish a circulation master plan for a Focus Area within the two neighborhoods. The Focus Area is defined approximately on the north by Interstate 40 (I-40), on the west by Rio Grande Boulevard, on the south by Mountain Road, and on the east by 12th Street, Bellamah Avenue NW, and 8th Street.

Zuni Road Study

The Zuni Road Study came after numerous complaints about safety on Zuni. People in the area were especially worried about the pedestrian and bicycle safety on the street.