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Los Duranes Sector Plan Update

Councilor Debbie O’Malley is pleased to announce the community-driven update of the Los Duranes Sector Development Plan.

Read the Adopted Plan

The purpose of the plan is to provide for growth while maintaining and respecting the existing rural character of the community and the agricultural traditions and settlement patterns that could otherwise be lost due to new development and urbanization. Download a copy of the adopted plan.


The goals of the planning effort are to:

  • Maintain the rural character of the neighborhood.
  • Preserve and maintain the irrigated agricultural lands and acequias that still serve the area.
  • Protect the narrow roadways and traditional neighborhood street patterns.
  • Preserve access and connections to the Rio Grande.
  • Maintain and respect the ownership and traditional land uses of the older families.
  • Create guidelines and standards for new development that are in harmony with the neighborhood character.
  • Achieve a level of neighborhood ownership and excitement on the Los Duranes Sector Development Plan.
  • Produce a plan that is community driven.

The community selected and the City hired Community by Design, a planning firm based in Taos, to help meet the goals of the planning process. The consultant, city staff and neighborhood representatives have had several planning meetings and on November 24, 2008 they took a bike tour of the Los Duranes community.