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Completed Projects

City Council initiates a number of studies and projects. Take a look at the many reports completed to date.


Paseo del Norte I-25 Interchange, Railyards Master Development Plan, Police Oversight Task Force


Downtown Neighborhood Area Sector Plan, Los Duranes Sector Plan, Raynolds Addition / Barelas Stop Sign Reconfiguration, Sawmill Wells Park Sector Development Plan, Summit Park / North Campus Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan, The Modern Roundabout, Zuni Road Study, Impact Fee Ordinance Amendments, West Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Area, Impact Fee Amendments, 2010-2020 Redistricting Process


"Big Box" Regulations, Nob Hill Highland Sector Development Plan, Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan


Volcano Trails Sector Development Plan, Volcano Mesa Amendment to the Westside Strategic Plan, Volcano Cliffs Sector Development Plan


Charter Review Task Force, Form Based Zones, South Yale Sector Development Plan, Uptown Sector Development Plan


Unification Report, Parking Operations and Financial Review, Police Oversight Study, Albuquerque's Industrial Revenue Bond Program: Community Stakeholder Perspectives and Recommendations, Analysis of Albuquerque's Industrial Revenue Bond Program, APD Total Compensation Comparison and Overtime Analysis


12th and Menaul / Former Albuquerque Indian School Site, Huning Highland-East Downtown (EDO) Planning, Montaño Corridor Studies


4th and Montaño Coalition, Community Economic Forum 2004, Downtown Arena, Planned Growth Strategy


Police Oversight Task Force Report to the Albuquerque City Council, Report on the Oversight Mechanisms of the Albuquerque Police Department