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Zuni Road Study

The Zuni Road Study came after numerous complaints about safety on Zuni. People in the area were especially worried about the pedestrian and bicycle safety on the street.

Study Purpose

Councilor Garduño headed an effort to study Zuni Road and get recommendations on how to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians on Zuni.

Two public meetings were held in early 2011 to get feedback on Zuni Road.  The first meeting was to inform the public about the Zuni Road Study, get comments on the problems with Zuni, and see what the general public wanted changed on Zuni Road.  The second meeting was to inform the public about the progress on the Zuni Road Study, show the two preliminary alternatives under consideration for Zuni, and to gather comments and answer questions from the public, particularly concerning the two alternatives under consideration.

Official Zuni Road Study

You can find specifics on the Zuni Road available below.  The Zuni Road Study was issued in August 2011 and is only the first step for improvements.

Zuni Road Study