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Raynolds Addition / Barelas Stop Sign Reconfiguration Proposal

City Councilor Isaac Benton worked with the City’s Department of Municipal Development (DMD) regarding traffic safety and stop sign reconfiguration in the Raynolds Addition and Barelas Neighborhoods.


Councilor Benton and DMD are eager to receive feedback on the proposed stop sign reconfiguration. If you have any comments, please refer them to the Raynolds Addition and Barelas Neighborhood Association, as they are collecting data on this issue.

Raynolds Addition

Douglas Kerr Email

Barelas Neighborhood Association

Dorothy Chavez Email


The stop signs were reconfigured using District 3 set-aside funding. The work also included ADA improvements at the intersections.  The streets are now safer as a result.


In the Raynolds Addition and Barelas Neighborhood area, Lead and Coal were converted from one-way to two-way streets six years ago. However, the stop signs were not altered to accommodate the traffic flow. We are now looking at an alteration of stop signs to form a grid-like pattern which is typically found in a neighborhood setting. The proposed reconfiguration area is approximately between Gold and Stover, and 9th and 14th.

A draft map of the proposed changes has been made available.

Please note that this is a draft map and may contain some errors.

Public Meeting

We held a meeting where the proposal was presented by Kevin Broderick, City Traffic Engineer with the Department of Municipal Development. During the meeting, we took questions and comments from neighborhood constituents. The general consensus was:

  • the reconfiguration of the stop signs is a positive idea,
  • a first step in making the neighborhood streets safer.

Councilor Benton will continue to work with the neighborhood to develop long term solutions and seek funding to implement those solutions.