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Rules and Regulations

Help keep Tingley Beach a welcoming place for everyone by observing beach rules.

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Fishing and Model Boat Rules

Keep Tingley Beach nice, and please observe the Fishing Rules.

Go Fish

Fishing at Tingley Beach is regulated by the N.M. Game and Fish Department.

Music & Noise

Be courteous. Keep music, sound and noise at a reasonable level.

Since its renovation, Tingley Beach is again a favorite destination for Albuquerque residents seeking relaxation, fun, peace, and sunshine.

Help keep Tingley Beach a welcoming place for everyone and observe the beach rules.

General Rules

  • Tingley Beach is open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations are available.
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • No wading or swimming in the ponds. No rafts or boats allowed (other than rental pedal boats or model boats in designated areas).
  • No fireworks.
  • No glass containers, weapons, inflatable jumpers, hot-air balloons, or remote control airplanes.
  • Dogs must be leashed. Please dispose of your dog's waste.
  • Park in marked areas. Do not block other vehicles.
  • Don't harass or capture wildlife.
  • Tent stakes and similar items aren't allowed due to underground irrigation pipes. Instead, please use stakeless shades, such as umbrellas and pop-up shelters.
  • Outside catering and vendors serving or selling food or souvenirs to the public is prohibited.
  • Bread is bad for ducks. If you decide to feed the waterfowl, please use bird-healthy foods, which can be found on this page.

Fishing Rules

  • You are responsible for knowing and understanding New Mexico fishing rules.
  • Bag limit for trout is four fish per day. Bag limit for catfish is two fish per day.
  • Live bait fish may NOT be used or released into the lakes. This includes — but is not restricted to — minnows, tadpoles and goldfish.
  • Chumming is prohibited.
  • Pole fishing only — no trotlines. A Second Rod Validation may be purchased with your fishing license, but bag limits remain the same.
  • Take your catch home to clean it.
  • The fishing year is April 1 to March 31.
  • All anglers 12 years old and older must have a current fishing license in their possession.
  • Licenses are not available for purchase at Tingley at this time. You can learn more or purchase a New Mexico fishing license here.

Each pond at Tingley Beach also has its own specific rules and regulations. Please go to the individual pond page to learn more.

Bob Gerding Catch and Release Pond

Central Pond

Children's Pond