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Application for Rescue Status

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We are excited to build our rescue program at the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department.

If you are a group or an individual interested in becoming a rescue partner with Animal Welfare, please complete our online application.

It is not necessary to have 501(c)3 status. However, if your organization is a non-profit, it would be great to have that information.

Thank you for your interest.

Contact Information
Contact information for your organization.
President of lead person is responsible for transfer of ownership once the animal is placed in a permanent home.
Organization Information
Please provide information about your organization.
Note the organization's nonprofit status, if any,
Does your organization rescue a specific breed?

Will your organization rescue other breeds?

Upload a document listing contracts, policies, accreditations, or associated memberships. File size limit: 5MB.
Veterinarian Information
Please provide contact information for your organization's veterinarian.
Designated People
List up to four people from your organization who are approved to selected or pick up animals. Animals will be registered to the person who picks up the animal for the organization.
I have read the rescue regulations of the Animal Welfare Department and agree that I and all designees will abide by them in full. I agree that the Animal Welfare Department does not guarantee the condition of any animal it releases to my organization and that the Animal Welfare Department will not be held responsible for any pre-existing condition the animal may have.