How to Rehome Your Pet

Information about placing a pet with another home.

Consider finding your dog or cat another home instead of surrendering him to the shelter because it will be less stressful for your animal, allows you to play a part in uniting him with a new family, and makes additional space available for pets whose lives are immediately at risk. Guidelines to help you find a new home for your pets:

  • Take several color photos of your pet. Show off your pet's cutest and most endearing qualities.
  • Write a story about your pet. Include the reason your pet needs a new home, the kind of home he or she needs and would do well in, and some "human interest" information-for example, your pet's funniest behaviors, his/her favorite things to do, or the thing you love most about your pet. Many people write the story from the animal's perspective, for example, "Hi, my name is Sabrina..."
  • Re-home your pet on Animal Humane New Mexico's Rehoming Community Forum:
  • E-mail friends, family or co-workers. Give your photos, story and e-mail to everyone you know asking for their help. Advertise through your workplace e-mail or your community bulletin board. Placing your pet with someone you know will ease the transition for you, the new owner and your pet.
  • Make a re-homing poster and post in veterinary offices and various stores near and far, where people who take good care of their animals visit often.
  • Contact breed and rescue groups.
  • Post a classified ad in your local newspaper.
  • Use social media such as Facebook.

Helpful Hints: Evaluating Potential Adopters

  • Interview potential adopters carefully. Ask questions to help you ensure your pet will be well cared for. Confirm their address and that they are allowed to have pets, if they rent.
  • Take the time to consider applicants. Don't allow yourself to be pressured into making a decision that you do not feel right about. Your judgment is your best guide.
  • Follow up. Call to see how your pet is doing in his or her new home. A responsible owner will welcome your concern for the animal.