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Information about the Albuquerque Fire Department.

The Albuquerque Fire Department is a paid municipal department, comprised of 700 uniformed personnel, serving a jurisdiction of more than 182 square miles and an estimated metropolitan population of 901,700 according to the 2012 US Census. Albuquerque's metropolitan area has a total population of 1,146,049 according to the 2010 Census.

Today's Status

Flag Full Staff


Fire Restrictions

Flag Status

Wildfire Danger Rating

Fire Restrictions

The flag is at full staff today The current wildfire rating is Moderate. Stage I Restrictions are in place for all Open Space Areas and the Bosque.


Wildfire Season

As the 2015 wildland fire season approaches the Albuquerque Fire Department has completed several important trainings to be prepared for an unpredictable season.  Open Space patrols will start in June and will cover the West Mesa, Foothills and the Bosque.  You have the potential to make a significant impact of wildland fire prevention as citizens. No matter whether you own ¼ acre or 10, as a landowner you have a considerable role to play in the process of community resiliency to wildfire.

How do you reduce the potential for catastrophic wildfire?

  • Manage for the survival of healthy trees and remove the unhealthy ones.
  • Thin out stressed and unhealthy trees.
  • Remove ladder fuels – create a vertical separation between taller trees and lower growing vegetation so that a ground fire cannot climb into the canopy.
  • Thin out dense underbrush

This is referred to as “harden your home”. To learn more on how to make your home safe against wildfire and participate in wildfire prevention, please contact Lt. Brian Fox at [email protected] for a community presentation or visit our website for additional fire safety tips, go to

Become a Firefighter

The Albuquerque Fire Department has emergency-responder personnel in the following programs:

  • Communications (Alarm Room)
  • Fire Marshal's Office (Fire Prevention Bureau)
  • Fire Investigations
  • Capital Improvements Program (CIP)
  • Albuquerque Fire Academy
  • Fiscal Program

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Latest News

EMT Basic Educational Opportunity

The Albuquerque Fire Department will be hosting an EMT Basic class at the AFD training academy in partnership with CNM for the summer session. This course will be taught by lead instructor Rainey Perez (Retired AFD Commander) and current AFD Academy staff on their off hours.

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Albuquerque Fire Department Takes Top Honors

Albuquerque Fire Department Takes Top Honors

At the 2015 National Fire-Rescue Med EMS Conference last month, the IAFC’s EMS Section honored the Albuquerque Fire Department with the annual Heart Safe Community Award. The award recognizes organizations with creative approaches to implementing and maintaining systems to prevent and treat cardiac-related diseases within their communities.

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AFD Paramedics & APS Students Participate in Disaster Drills

On Jan. 15, 2015, Albuquerque Fire Department Paramedic students and APS High School students teamed up to participate in two mock MCI (multi-casualty incidents) to practice and test their skills. EMT and Cosmetology students from APS Career Enrichment Center will be joining AFD Paramedics in the all-day training.

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