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How do I get paid?

  • ACH Services Information

    Information about Automated Clearing House services.

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  • ACH Payment Notification Sign Up

    Get notices when the City processes your Direct Deposits.

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  • E-Pay (Corporate Credit Card) Services

    Information about Corporate Credit Card Services.

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  • Invoice Tracking

    Information for vendors on paid and unpaid invoices.

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  • Payment Help

    Information for Vendors for speedy and accurate payment.

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  • Provide Your Taxpayer Identification Number

    Information on complying with IRS regulations.

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  • Request Payment Reissue

    Request reissue of a payment that was lost, destroyed, or never received.

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  • Vendor Payments

    Information for quick and accurate vendor payments.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions from Vendors

    Frequently Asked Questions from Vendors

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