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ACH Services Information

Information about Automated Clearing House services.

ACH (automated clearinghouse) refers to direct deposit payments made by the City of Albuquerque electronically to the vendor's bank account. Advantages of this? The vendor receives immediate payment, no waiting for the check to arrive in the mail.

Important: For Prompt Payment

All invoices submitted for payment must include on the invoice:

  • The related City Purchase Order or Contract Release Order Number
  • The City Department/Division making the Purchase.
  • In order to run NEW ACH (Direct Deposit) Transactions Report, the vendor must know their current (new) vendor number or use the Vendor Search to locate their new vendor number.

Enroll in ACH (Direct Deposit)

Complete the Vendor ACH Payment Form and mail it in along with a voided check to the DFAS Accounts Payable Office (address is on the form). Note that you may fill out this form within the Adobe Reader before printing it.

Information About Your ACH Transactions

New ACH (Direct Deposit) Transactions Report

  • Any invoice processed after January 5, 2009 will be available in these reports.
  • Vendor must know their current (new) vendor number or use the Vendor Search to locate NEW vendor number.

Electronic Notification of Payments
Whenever you enroll in ACH, the email address you provide is automatically setup to receive electronic notifications when the City processes an ACH payment for you.

Program Stipulations

The City of Albuquerque has implemented the processing of payments to vendors by transferring the payment directly to the vendors bank account instead of producing a check and sending through the US Mail. In order to effectively administer this program, the program stipulations listed below must be agreed to by the vendor.

  • All vendors must agree to complete the Vendor ACH Payment Form and send it directly to the DFAS Accounts Payable Office, PO Box 1985, Albuquerque, NM 87103
  • The ACH payment will be processed to only one (1) account as identified on the ACH Enrollment form/voided check.
  • Once established as an ACH payment type, all future payments to the vendor will be through ACH payment transfer.
  • All steps involved in the receipt, review and approval of invoices will remain "exactly" as is in place currently. The ordering of goods/services, acknowledgment of receipt and approval to release payment will continue to be performed by the operating departments that initially placed the order.
  • All questions regarding the contract/purchase order should be directed to the City Purchasing Office as the phone number on the contract/purchase order. All questions regarding the receipt or approval of invoices should continue to be directed to your operating department contact person.
  • Vendors/businesses must contact their bank to confirm receipt of the ACH transfer.
  • Vendors/businesses will utilize their monthly bank statement or the ACH (Direct Deposit) Transactions Report to identify the exact invoice numbers and amounts that were paid via ACH.
  • If a vendor/business closes their checking account with one financial in institution and opens an account with another financial institution they must notify the DFAS Accounts Payable Office immediately by submitting a new Vendor ACH Payment Form and brief transmittal letter requesting the change in account information for payment purposes.