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Vendor Payments

Information for quick and accurate vendor payments.

The City strives to pay vendors quickly and correctly. You can use the following tools and information to help us with this goal.

Important: For Prompt Payment

All invoices submitted for payment must include the following on the invoice:

  • The related City Purchase Order or Contract Release Order Number, or
  • The City Department/Division making the Purchase.

Invoice Tracking
Run a number of reports to obtain information about your invoices.

ACH (Direct Deposit) Services
Get your payments electronically deposited to your bank account. Sign up for this service and receive email notifications each time a payment is deposited.

Provide Your Taxpayer Identification Number
You need to provide the City your taxpayer identification number (TIN) in order to get paid.

Payment Help
Learn how you can help make sure you get paid quickly and correctly.

Request Payment Reissue
Learn how to make a request for the City to reissue a payment that was lost, destroyed, or never received.