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About Us

Information about the Department of Finance and Administrative Services

Department of Finance and Administrative Services employees aspire to continuously improve and be professional, accountable, effective, responsive, cooperative, and fair, working through transparent processes. Department of Finance and Administrative Services employees are stewards of the City's assets and maintain the highest levels of integrity and ethics.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide quality and trustworthy service with a focus on our customers and continuous improvement.


The following divisions comprise the Finance and Administrative Services Department:


Responsible for the City's financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, special assessments and accounting user support.

Accounting Division telephone numbers:

  • Controller: 505-768-3508
  • Associate Controllers: 505-768-3426 or 505-768-3485
  • Accounts Payable: 505-768-3428
  • Accounts Receivable: 505-768-3076
  • Payroll: 505-768-3415

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Oversees the purposes and structure of the City of Albuquerque budget process.

Telephone: 505-768-3396

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Provides material management support to user departments.

Telephone: 505-768-3320

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Risk Management

Responsible for minimizing the financial consequences of the City's exposure to risk. The services include tort and workers' compensation claims management, loss prevention, employee health, finance, substance abuse, and modified work programs.

Telephone: 505-768-3080

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Collects taxes and fees, administers and invests monetary assets, and manages the municipal bond program.

Telephone: 505-768-3396

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