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Information about City Treasury.

Notice to Lodging Establishments

Effective May 3, 2021, the City of Albuquerque will be moving to a new paperless online payment system using a company called MUNIRevs. All lodging establishments will be required to report revenue and lodgers’ tax and hospitality fees on the new system.

Any person operating a lodging establishment in Albuquerque will be able to access the online system.

An account has been created for your establishment in MUNIRevs as the first step to report revenue and remit tax payments.

Coming Soon: You will receive a letter on how to register your establishment in the new system!

Two payment options

  1. Credit or Debit Card – Pay tax amount plus a bank service fee
  2. eCheck – Pay tax amount only – no service fee


Treasury Division Goes Green

Pay the following Taxes using the Taxpayer Online Payment System (TOPS):

  • Lodger's Tax & Hospitality Feeds
  • Liquor Licenses
  • Pawn Licenses

Please note that an email address associated to taxpayer account must be provided to the Treasury Department to be used for account setup.

Questions? Call 505-768-3309 or email [email protected].

Albuquerque Investor Information was honored again by MuniNet in 2011 for being among the nation's best and most comprehensive municipal investor sites.

The Treasury Division is the City's fiscal agent. We provide the following critical services to the City for the benefit of our taxpayers:

  • Banking - Treasury oversees collection, deposit, and reconciliation of City receipts, as well as controls over disbursements. We manage the City's external banking relationships and services, and we train and certify City employees who handle cash.
  • Public Finance - Treasury manages all of the City's borrowings, including financing strategies, debt issuances, refinancing strategies, and repayments.
  • Investments - Treasury manages the investment of operating reserves and capital funds awaiting expenditure, as well as several internal trust funds and pension-like assets. Investments are managed using an asset allocation approach, to optimize return while ensuring liquidity and risk minimization.
  • Taxes/fees administration - Treasury bills and collects various fee revenues, including lodgers tax, hospitality fees, franchise fees, liquor, pawn permit fees and alarm permit fees and fines.

Access a variety of investor information, including interactive revenue data, the Annual Information Statement, and the City's investment policies.